What I Ate Wednesday – WIAW – Back to School Week


So it was day #2 of my first week back to school.  The kids aren’t there yet; Just teachers and lots of meetings.

This was two work days in a row that I had breakfast.  woo-hoo!  Let’s see if I can keep it going when I have the kids to get ready for school as well.

My smoothie.  I really and truly just make them up as I go along.  This was a whole cucumber, 2 frozen bananas, a few frozen chunks of cantaloupe, some coconut milk, a can of peaches, and 2 heaping tablespoons of flax meal.  The cucumber was very lemony tasting and I realized there was no way I was going to eat it without some sweetener, so I added the can of peaches.  Not too bad.  I filled this glass 3 times.

I spent the morning in special education meetings.  It was long but important and I refilled my metal water bottle about 3 times.  The meeting ended about 30 minutes later than scheduled which meant I didn’t have the full hour for lunch.  Since I had packed my lunch I wasn’t so worried.  I sat in my car with the breeze blowing listening to the radio and eating lunch.

Lunch was hummus and chips, pears, and pudding.  Yum.  So far so good in remembering to pack a lunch.  I think the Vegan Lunchbox Challenge for Adults is making me think about it more.

Then I had afternoon meetings.  Lots of them.  While I was in those meetings the earthquake that hit the East Coast of the US happened.  It was so odd to be sitting in a school library feeling the floor move.

When I finally got back to my office I had a snack of pistachios.  My friend on facebook, Chili Pepper, recommended raw almonds.  I thought I had some but didn’t so I ate pistachios.  It was a pretty good afternoon snack but I want to try the almonds.

Then, more meetings until the night orientation for new students.  I did the meet & greet thing with parents and students and then hung out while the rest of the staff who stayed ate.  It was interesting because the fact that I am vegan came up.  I got several comments of “Really?” and “What do you eat?”  But people were supportive.

After the parents disbursed I went straight to T’s Lego League Meeting and spent an hour counting little teeny lego pieces.  Lots of little teeny lego pieces that all look alike.

As soon as I got home I went straight for the tea.    2 glasses of mint tea with a few drops of liquid stevia that I drank as quickly as I could!  Then I went looking for dinner.  At this point it was after 8 and I was too tired to do much.  I found one left in my box of  chikn patties so I microwaved it and then cut it up for the hotdog bun.  A little mustard and some sliced tomato and I had instant dinner!

After eating I started working on this post, talked to my mom, and then helped the kids get ready for bed.  9:30 found me still hungry.  This is when I say “Don’t judge.”  🙂

Yes, that’s a handful of dairy-free chocolate chips that I ate with a decaffeinated iced tea chaser.  Then it was time for evening meds and bed.  I went to bed without making lunch for the next day.  Uh-oh.  Let’s hope I can get one made in the morning!

I do think I was less hungry then I was on day #1 back to work.  Making more for lunch and eating things with more protein and fat helped.


7 responses to this post.

  1. so many times i will take a handful of dark chocolate chips or unsweetened carob chips and snack on them too- it’s the best isnt it!

    mmm pistachios ❤


  2. Do u add protein powder to your smoothies in the morning? maybe u do and i missed reading that..:) but the protein will definitely keep u full till lunch. Add some extra protein to each meal.!


    • Richa, I don’t at this point. Mostly because I’m not sure which one to buy and I don’t want to spend that kind of money on something I won’t like. I do have some dry soy milk powder I’ve thought about adding to my smoothies to see if it helps…


  3. Pistachios are my favorite nuts! I could seriously eat them all.day.long!


  4. I stay away from too much processed soy because of thyroid history in my family. I’ve tried hemp protein and wheat protein and u can get used to it.:) get smallest bottles.. and if u dont like it.. put it in husbands smoothies ;). hope he is not reading.. coz thats what i do with stuff i dont like.. luckily my hubb’s taste buds are not as picky as mine:) I eat very small meals because of stress, so i know that an carb filled breakfast will be out of my system in an hour.. protein protein! or eat large portions of well balanced meals!


  5. It does seem like a lot of work eating healthy outside the home, but it’s well worth it. Whenever I travel, I try to pack a healthy snack/salad for the road in case I can’t find anything I like. Thanks for sharing your day!


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