A New Fuzzy Family Member

No animal will be able to replace Nikita.  It’s just not possible.  She was a part of our family for 9 years.  She lived with us in 3 different states; Mark chased her in all 3 of those states.  We miss her very much.

But we realized that we also really missed having a dog.  T borrowed a dog encyclopedia from a friend and has asked me to look up about 50 breeds on petfinder.com.  I admit to having been really interested in a mastiff that was in Baltimore; the rest of the family out-voted me.

For the last week we have been looking, online, at an Akita mix named Skylar that was at a no-kill shelter in Georgetown DE.  (We are only 10 minutes from the Delaware border.)  In her video she loved chasing balls and frisbees and seemed like a really fun-loving animal.  The info said she was good with kids.  So I emailed them to find out if she was still there and so we ventured up on Thursday night to meet her.  Her history is that she came to the shelter as a puppy and was there for some time.  She was adopted out to a young man who took excellent care of her but lost his job and couldn’t keep her when he moved in with family.  He had reported that she was a great house dog.  She seemed sweet, but it’s tough to really know what a dog is like at a shelter.  We filled out the paperwork to adopt her but couldn’t come back for her until this morning.  (Saturday.)  They don’t hold dogs but told us that, as she had been there about 6 months, it was unlikely she’d be gone by Saturday.  Last night right before they closed we called to make sure she was still available and, luckily, she was.

This morning Mark and E ventured north to pick her up while T and I ran some errands and got her a new collar and tag plus some toys.

Mark and E stopped at PetSmart on the way home because they realized that they had forgotten to tell us to get dog shampoo.  Apparently a woman in the store said “Oh!  She’s so spoiled!” which made Mark laugh and say “Well, we’ve only had her about an hour.”

They say she was great in the car and she was certainly excited to come in the house.  We gave her a bath and she’s explored her lead.  She’s taken a walk and played.  So far she has a fabulous temperament.

She’s sweet and friendly and loves to get love.  She is going to need stronger chew toys as she has already destroyed 3 chew bones.  She’s going to need at least one walk a day and I think the kids will certainly get stronger arms as she is the strongest tug-of-war player I’ve ever met.  But we think she’s going to fit in just fine.

We loved our Siberian but we are not wed to a breed. We like sweet family dogs, and I think we’ve found the one for us.


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  1. Posted by Mel on September 3, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    Oh my goodness! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love that face!


  2. Posted by stefanie on September 3, 2011 at 6:14 PM

    I’m glad you decided to adopt from a shelter. There are so many loving animals waiting for homes.

    What did you name her? She is a beautiful girl and will be well loved. Congratulations on the new family memeber. 🙂


  3. Thanks Stefanie! All of our previous animals, except Nikita, came from shelters. (Nikita came to us through someone Mark worked with.) I don’t believe in buying animals from breeders as, like you said, there are so many animals who need families. T and I actually had a conversation today where he asked why the dog had to be “fixed” and couldn’t have puppies. We talked about how there are so many unwanted animals that we feel that we don’t need to add to the population.

    We kept the name she came with: Skylar. It fits her, though we do shorten it to Sky sometimes. She is still a tiny bit skiddish but is extremely sweet!


  4. Rescue dogs are such wonderful choices. All of our dogs have been rescues. Skylar looks like a sweetie who will be such a great addition to your family, Jen! 🙂



  5. Shes so amazing and looks so happy!! I am so happy for you all.. we adopted our pom, and he is such a spoilt kid now.. almost 90% of the time people cannot believe that he came from a shelter.. we fostered a couple of small dogs too last year.. all death row chi or terrier mixes from CA.( rescues fly CA dogs to WA every other week). calif is such a hell hole for the poor animals.. with 60% kill rate.. wish i could save all of them.. but small steps at a time.

    Hope you all are having an amazing weekend with Skylar!


  6. Oh how precious!!

    Let me strongly recommend Tuffies!

    http://www.tuffietoys.com/ – They are rated for strength. My roommate has a pit/lab, we have a lab, and a German Shepherd and all the toys have survived all three of them. They get a little ratty and worn down, but that’s about it. Not to say that they are indestructible, but they are as close as dog toys get, and trust me, I’ve tried all of them!


  7. Oops, forgot to say, go with stuff from the mega series. The big animals also stand up because they are too big and bulky for them to get a good chewing grip on, but they love their T-Rex!


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  9. What a cutie!! I’m the same way- I’m not breed attached – and just love a kind-hearted dog. What is her name? E


  10. […] and enjoyed my first Vegan MOFO.  We lost our beloved Siberian Husky Nikita and welcomed the sweet mutt Skylar to our home.  We found out that T has a wheat intolerance as well as intolerances to other foods […]


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