The Vegan Lunchbox Challenge For Adults Wrap Up

On August 21st, just after going back to work for the school year, I posted that I wanted to host a Vegan Lunchbox For Adults Challenge.  The point was to get people thinking about the fact that even adults should pack a good healthy lunch.

My one entry was a fabulous one.  Valerie from City.Life.Eats chronicled a month of lunches and included one in our challenge.  I highly recommend checking out her blog for great ideas about healthy bagged lunches.

I have learned a lot in the last month or so about keeping myself fueled at work.

I’ve learned that being prepared is half the battle.  If I have a few main dishes in the fridge in portable containers I am much more likely to eat lunch.  I have taken to cooking on Sundays or just making sure there are enough leftovers to go around.

Having some emergency provisions has helped too.  Even if it’s just a lara bar, having something in my desk keeps me from going hungry (or turning to oreos) on the days when I truly run out of time to make a lunch.

At least I pack a main dish.  Sometimes I include a fruit and some sides; Maybe a cookie.  But at least I make sure I have something.

Usually I eat at my desk as these pictures attest since you can see my keyboard.

But today I learned that if you are going to pack a leftover Tempeh Reuben with all the fixins in little containers then you should eat it in the teacher’s lounge.  Because while this might look good it was MESSY!

I will continue to work on packing healthy lunches.  Tomorrow will be leftover pasta e fagioli with spinach.  I feel better when I eat something healthy and I don’t have that awful droopy feeling in the middle of the day.  I’d love to hear what you pack!


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