So…. Hemp, huh?

I’ve long heard of hemp milk but haven’t had a chance to try it since there aren’t a lot of places near here for things that are considered more out of the ordinary.  But on a recent trip to The Railway Market in Easton, MD I found some hemp milk ice cream.

Now, I’ll admit to planning on eating the container on the hour long ride home.  Yes.  I have done it before.  But the top of my ice cream was a little freezer burned and I thought the ice cream was only so-so.  Not bad, but I couldn’t tell if it was a slightly odd flavor from the fact that it was hemp milk or the fact that it was freezer burned.  So I only had a bit on the way home.

I threw the container in the freezer and thought about what it might be able to become.

Then inspiration struck: A chocolate banana milkshake!

Into the blender went the rest of the hemp milk ice cream, a banana broken up into chunks, and some soy milk.  (I add the soy milk a little at a time to get the correct consistency.)

I added a little ricewhip on top; That was a splurge at the health food store.  I was a whipped cream a-holic and I’ve missed it.  On its own I didn’t like the ricewhip, but on top of the shake it was good.

Mark and E both asked for a taste and then tried to steal my shake!  Mark actually told me 3 times how much he enjoyed it.  Yep, vegan food is taking over in my house.


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