“That Must Be So Limiting”

Often when I tell people I’m a vegan they comment on the fact that it must be so limiting.


Well, it is slightly more difficult to find things to eat in restaurants.  And I will admit that since T went gf it is not always easy to find places where we both can eat things we enjoy.  (He is the picky child, after all.)  And sometimes, when I go to friends’ houses, it can be a little awkward.  But most of the time I can find something to eat.

And it has opened up so many opportunities for me.

I don’t know if it was because it’s Vegan MOFO or because I got a letter from my Vegan PenPal today but I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon.  I’ve been thinking about all the experiences that have come to me since going vegan.

So, in no particular order, are some of the new things that I have experienced since going vegan because of this choice.

  • I have discovered new foods such as seitan and tempeh (Tempeh Reubens Rock) and coconut milk ice cream
  • I have discovered some amazing new restaurants like b.b. bistro and The Home Grown Cafe (and the 2 I plan on hitting on Monday: Zias Cafe and The Land of Kush).  Plus all the wonderful places I enjoyed on our trip to NY!  Not that I didn’t eat at great restaurants when I was an omni, but being vegan has made me search out places.
  • I started this blog.  It began, really, as a place for me to talk about things for me.  But, along with the facebook page and twitter, it has evolved into a community.  I don’t have visions of grandeur.  I don’t expect to be big or famous.  But I have gotten the chance to connect with some phenomenal people.  Recently a poster on facebook said “Thanks for making a community.  It helps.”  I cried.  I really did.  Oh yes, I’m emotional too.  And as an aside, the outpouring of love when we lost our beloved dog was overwhelming.
  • Since I have had this blog I’ve spent more time exploring other blogs online.  I recently won the chance to go to the Take Back Your Health Conference in Arlington, VA.  I can’t express how excited I am to be able to spend the weekend with 400+ people interested in health and food.
  • I’ve been able to have intelligent and interesting conversations with people about vegetarianism and veganism.  I do not preach, I simply explain why I have made the choices I have made.  I’ve even backed off on pushing healthy food on my kids.  Wonder of wonders, they have started eating better of their own choice.
  • I signed up for the Third Annual Vegan Care Package Swap.  My post for this is not up but let me tell you it was a wonderful experience.
  • I’ve gotten a Vegan penpal who sent me the sweetest letter today.  (This was her second to me.  I’ve written once.)  Inside she enclosed a packet of her favorite Indian spice mix so my dinner tonight was .

I’m not sure if I have properly expressed how going vegan has opened up my world.  I’ve always been someone who loves new experiences, but by choosing this path I have allowed myself experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I don’t find it limiting.  I find it exhilarating.

Having an auto-immune disorder is limiting, but I try to not to let that dictate who I am.  There are challenges and pitfalls that come along with pretty much everything in life.  But mostly I’m excited about the things that are coming my way.  A huge thanks to my family and friends who have supported me and continue to do so.  Life is so much better when you share it with wonderful people.


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  2. This is such a wonderful post. and so true.. you should send this to the abc news reporters who made this 12 part food chart while explaining veganism in the bill clinton segment.. they put cow, pig , poultry, fish, eggs, dairy. cheese and so on and then there were plants, fruits, and grains which was the vegan diet according to them. it was quite stupid.. that vegans eat only 3 types of things in that whole big chart.


  3. I frequently get that comment too. But you did you fantastic job explaining why it’s a fulfilling and truly un-limiting lifestyle. Great post!


  4. Posted by Emily on October 17, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    I also have RA, and also went vegan because of it. Veganism has changed my life in so many great ways. I’m glad I found your blog! So amazing to find someone in the same situation when I’m so used to feeling isolated


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