Tired Baltimore Thoughts

Today I did my every 3 months drive to Baltimore to see my rheumatologist.  It was a good visit; I was swollen and we might pursue some other treatment options but all in all it was good.  I did some really fun things including

  • lunch with a girlfriend from college whom I haven’t seen in 10 years
  • Talking to one of my friends from The RA Vegan Facebook page on the phone
  • Going to an all vegan restaurant I’ve been dreaming of (and eating 2 desserts in the car)
  • Shopping at Trader Joe’s
  • Spying a huge thrift store with a sign outside that said “Today!  1/2 off everything!” that of course made me have to stop

It was loads of fun but it was also 5.5 hours in the car with me as the only driver so I’m tired.  Wiped out in fact.  If it wasn’t Vegan MOFO I probably wouldn’t post but I can’t break my streak now.

So here are 2 quick photos from my trip.

My vegan tofu wrap from Zia’s Cafe.  It was tofu and hummus with sprouts and veggies in a whole wheat wrap.  It was tasty, though I think I would have liked more sauce as it was sort of dry.  The Hula Girl smoothie was yumm-o.

My sweet potato cake from The Land of Kush.  This dessert was fabulous.  I love whoever made it.  I love you.  There *might* have been a cookies and cream cupcake devoured as well but there is no proof.  No those are *not* crumbs on my shirt.

The woman behind me in a line asked if “it’s your first time here?”  Yep.  Yep it was.  But not my last.  I got a huge box of food to go.  In fact I’m going to go eat it now.  I’m tired and it’s almost 7 pm which means almost time for bed.  See you tomorrow!


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