From Failure to Yum…

Not all my baking attempts turn out.  Particularly since I have been trying for vegan AND gluten free recently.  There have been some winners, but there have been lots of losers.  I just don’t talk about those as much.

Last weekend I attempted a garbanzo bean brownie based on the popular black bean brownie recipes out in the blogosphere.  I used bananas as some of the sweetener to cut down on the added sugars and basically they turned into banana brownies with a slightly funny consistency.

T and Mark took one bite each and said “No thank you!”  E and I both said “so-so.”  But that meant I was looking at a pan of brownies no one wanted to eat.  And then it hit me:  Parfait!

I cut a brownie into little pieces and layered it with vanilla soy ice cream.  A spritz of rice whip on top and I had a fabulous brownie sundae!  E and I both enjoyed it.  Mark still thought the texture was off putting, but I was glad to have found a way to not throw out a pan of brownies!

And for the record E and I did eat a few just as brownies.  They were better having sat for a day or so in the fridge.  Still not a recipe worthy of posting but one I might tinker with.

Have you ever had a kitchen fail turn into something pretty good?  I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. […] chickpeas for the challenge but my brownies didn’t quite turn out blog worthy.  (Though the sundae I made with them was really good!)  I didn’t attempt this week’s challenge with the […]


  2. I love that you turned a recipe “fail” into a “win”! Your sundae looks amazing. What do you think caused the banana brownies to have the weird consistency?


    • We are still getting used to the idea of gluten free and vegan baking and since T, my 12 year old, is allergic to potatoes we can’t use commercial mixes so we’re constantly trying to make our own mixes. I think that plus the addition of the beans which I know lots of people like but the rest of my family never has enjoyed, pushed these over the edge to “odd.” Now, E and I actually ate all of them (and there have been some baked goods that have gone to waste here) so they weren’t that bad but I didn’t feel right posting the recipe.


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