Yucca Fries

T, my 12 year old, has a lot of food intolerances.  The biggie I often talk about is the wheat because that is what has made us go moderately gluten free.  But there are others like apples, oranges, peanuts, pecans, and the combination that makes him the most upset: Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes.

I mean, what 12 year old boy wants to know he cannot have french fries?

We’ve tried alternatives like carrot fries, plantain fries etc.  But over the weekend we found what tastes as close as we could get:

Yucca Fries!


Yucca is a root also called Cassava.  It needs to be peeled and then cut up into matchstick pieces.  This is not something for RA hands to do; Much too tough.

Then we deep fried them and they were very similar to potato fries.

T was in heaven because they tasted so much like “real” fries.

They were fabulous next to my veggie burger, pickled beets, and pickles!  Definitely something we will be doing again here.

Have you ever had Yucca?  How do you prepare it?


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  1. Posted by stefanie on October 19, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    Yucca fries are reallly good. I first tried them at whole foods and had to make them. Instead of frying, I baked them. They were not as crispy but still good.


    • So they turned out well baked? I’d love to try it that way. We figured that we needed to find a way to recreate “regular” french fries so we started by frying but I’d love to move to baking.


  2. I love all the raw goodness on the plate!! I hardly ever have salads – but yours looks too good not to try.


  3. Yum. You’re making me hungry! We bake our fries too but obviously there’s nothing like fried. I like carrot fries too. Never tried yucca though.


  4. […] one impacts us in lots of ways.  I’ve already talked about the fact that he can’t eat French Fries which is, of course, death to a 12 year old boy.  But the other thing it impacts is that most […]


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