Instant Vegan Pot-Luck Contribution

Tonight was my bookclub night.  Basically 6 or so women who get together one night a month to eat, talk, and then discuss the book we just finished.  It’s a night when we’re not focusing on the kids or work but on ourselves and it’s quite a wonderful time.

The dinner is pot-luck though this month the host chose an Italian theme.  She made chicken parmigiana for the rest of the group and a really wonderful homemade tomato sauce over pasta for me.  I had plans to make vegan desserts but, frankly, haven’t felt up to it.  So I went with an instant contribution:

I was pretty impressed with what I could buy in the produce section of my grocery store.  I knew about the pre-washed greens (I haven’t been living under a rock in the US) and the grape tomatoes.  But obviously I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at the prepped veggies because there were sliced zucchini & yellow squash slices and shredded carrots.  I added some dried sour cherries and it was instantly impressive.

I realize this probably sounds dumb but I’m pointing it out because it’s easy to think that bringing a vegan dish that everyone will eat to a mixed group of eaters is hard.  Would it have been even better if I had included some beans or some nuts?  Yes.  But that wasn’t practical for me this time.  Everyone enjoyed the salad and my plate looked very similar to those of other people, just minus the chicken.

Now, I don’t think other people dropped just one of their dried cherries on to their pasta but that has nothing to do with me being a vegan and everything to do with me being a klutz!






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  1. Hi! I have enjoyed getting to know you and following your blog so I have decided to give you a Liebster award.


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