Off On An Adventure!

Today is going to be a little crazy.

9am : Dog Vet Appointment

11am: Haircuts for 2 kids

1:30pm: Haircut & color for me

3:00pm: Get on the Road

Thanks to Valerie at City.Life.Eats and the giveaway I won I am off to Virginia for the weekend on my own.  I am leaving Mark and the kids home to navigate the land of Halloween festivities while I eat as much vegan food as I can.  Oh yes, and learn lots of important stuff!

You see, I couldn’t just “go to the conference.”  Oh no.

Tonight I’m staying with cousin #1 (I have a lot of cousins so she is not really #1 in birth order just in order of how I will see them this weekend – And if she reads this OF COURSE you are my favorite cousin.).  We are going to make a pilgrimage to Great Sage Vegan Restaurant.  Her husband and older son will be off doing their own thing so it will just be us girls (and a baby) and it will be delightful I’m sure!

Saturday morning I will drive to Virginia to attend this amazing conference.  I’m looking forward to meeting people (especially Valerie!) and learning.  Plus I want to see all the vendors.

Saturday night I’m going to stay with cousin #2.  (And if you’re reading this YOU are my favorite cousin.  Don’t worry about what I said before.  You know how she is… lol.)  This cousin lives in a cool communal house with lots of vegans and some cats.  The plan is that I will be eating myself into a food coma through vegan DC.  I have heard about vegan fried chicken and vegan cheesecake.  There was talk about vegan doughnuts but I think that was early in the morning while I am at the conference.  We may attend this fundraiser where the Professional Women’s Arm Wrestling Association will be the entertainment.

So basically I am going to spend the weekend hanging out with wonderful people, eating vegan food (not always the healthiest vegan food), and learning about taking care of myself.  While I’m sure the conference will not suggest vegan fried chicken, I also know that part of taking care of me is surrounding myself with wonderful people and joyous occasions.  I’m trying to learn balance.

I also know I’m going to be very tired on Sunday night after the conference all day and then the 2.5 hour drive home.  So I’m not sure if there will be posts this weekend.  But I’m going to enjoy myself and I’ll fill you in when I get home!


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  1. Posted by stefanie on October 22, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy all the great company and vegan food you can. It sounds like a good time to take a break from the computer and just enjoy yourself.


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