Beginnings of a weekend recap….




I had a great weekend.  I learned a ton from my conference and ate at some amazing places like Great Sage , Sticky Fingers, and Everlasting Life.  I’ll be working on posts about the different meals.

While I enjoyed all the conference participants I bought a video from Jason Wrobel, The Raw Vegan Chef.

I haven’t watched it yet but I loved his recipe demo and am looking forward to it.

I also visited my grandparents, spent time with 2 different cousins, saw a cool art movie called Weekend (It is a film with gay main characters so be aware if you click on the link.), visited IKEA and Yes Organic Market.

It was great but, as you might expect, it took a lot out of me.  I’m tired and run-down.  As it turns out T is sick with a fever and I have mommy duty tomorrow so I’ll be home with him which is probably good for my recovery.

I’m so glad I gave myself the chance to enjoy some wonderful “me time.”  I am blessed to have fabulous people in my life.  One of the cousins I hung out with is a vegan, but the other is not and she happily went to a vegan restaurant with me and had her first ever Brussels sprout.  It was momentous!

I’m looking forward to filling you in more as I feel better and have more energy!!




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