Looking towards cold weather – a few different thoughts

There is a cold front coming right towards us on Delmarva.  (I live where Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia meet.  It’s also often called “The Eastern Shore.”)  I know this because I read weather maps.  But I also know this because my joints are aching and I’m swollen.  My body lets me know when there are going to be big weather changes, especially ones where the weather is getting colder.

Winter was always my favorite season though it now means I feel a little worse.  So I’m trying to prepare for it by keeping the house warmer (warmer joints = happier joints in my world) and by getting ready to feed my body healthy filling food.  I love my pasta salads and cold dishes in the summer but I need different food in the winter.

I’m looking towards soup.  In fact Mark got out my new copy of “Vegan on $4 a day” and is going to make a variation on the minestrone soup for dinner tomorrow night.  I’m thinking oatmeal for breakfast instead of green smoothies.  And I’m thinking that the microwave in the teacher’s lounge is going to get used a lot more by me to heat up my lunches.

 Goodbye fresh watermelon

and Hello Chili  

I pulled out my winter clothes last week since I need to keep myself warm and I’ve had quite the shock.  Very little fits.  I’ve lost some weight since going vegan; About 20-30 pounds at last check.  Well, to be honest, at my last rheumatology appointment I had gained 2 pounds.  I’m also on daily steroids so the fact that I’ve lost any weight has been impressive.

But I’ve also gone down a dress size or more in the last 2 months.  I’m not trying to lose weight though it is a nice bonus or side-line.  Nope.  I’m trying to be healthy.  I’m trying to feel as good as I can while living with an auto-immune disorder.  I’m trying to live the best life I can by eating healthy food.  I’m working on cutting down the junk food, cutting down the stress, and upping the love and joy.  Some days it works well.  Some days it doesn’t.  Apparently my body is liking it, though, as I have a huge pile of clothes outside my bedroom door that no longer fit.  I tried on 7 shirts the other day getting dressed for work because everything was too big.  I’ve spent most of my life trying to lose weight and the irony is that when I finally stopped worrying about that and just wanted to be healthy, the weight has come off.

Yes there really is a pile of clothes in my hallway.  And look at that cuteness with the pairs of jeans I haven’t moved to “the pile” yet.  

So winter weather is right around the corner.  There is the potential for a wintry mix this weekend which is unheard of for this part of the country in October.  What I eat will change a little bit as this cold front comes in, and what I wear may change a lot as I have to hit all the local thrift stores looking for clothes that fit.  (Yes, I will sacrifice and go shopping.)

What will change with you as the colder weather arrives?  Or, if you live somewhere where the weather is getting warmer, what will change for you that way?


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