Goodbye October. Goodbye Vegan MOFO.

I can’t believe today is the last day of October.  I have often said that, since becoming a mom, my life has been on fast forward.  But when you add in school and Vegan MOFO, my life is on ultra fast forward!

My goal at the beginning of vegan MOFO was to write a post every weekday.  As the month wore on, though, I decided to try for a post every day.  Except for the weekend I was at The Take Back Your Health Conference I posted every day.  (I was smart and had pre-written a few posts for the days when I really couldn’t do anything.)

So I’m proud of that.  But I’m also proud of the time I’ve spent looking at other blogs and thinking about my health.  I’m considering moving towards a gluten-free vegan diet (though I’m not quite ready yet) in order to better control my RA.  And I’ve spent some time looking at other blogs, reading cookbooks, and pondering.

So on the last day of Vegan MOFO here are some things that have caught my eye this month!

Mushroom Soup from New York in Green : I’d replace the flour with gluten free flour

No Bake Coconut Chai Oatmeal Bars from Until We Eat Again


Carrot Parsnip Socca from Farmers Market Vegan


Carrot Oat Shake from My Munchable Musings

There were so many others but these are 4 I’m especially interested in trying!

I hope you have had a wonderful October.  I hope you have discovered some new blogs to follow and some wonderful recipes to try.  And I hope you have felt some new connections in the vegan world.

I learned a few things.  I learned that I make a lot more desserts than main dishes that are worthy of sharing.  I learned that even though I don’t talk about the RA as much some of you really want to hear about it.  And I learned that I enjoy blogging more often, so I’m going to try.

Thanks for a great month.

I’ve gotten the most hits in a month on my blog, and the most hits in one day this month.  Thanks for your support and your comments.

Time to look towards American Thanksgiving and the winter holidays plus lots of cold weather and maybe a gluten-free vegan lifestyle.  Lots to come.  Thanks for being along for the ride!


3 responses to this post.

  1. VeganMoFo is always a lot of fun! I just found your blog through twitter 😉


  2. So glad you are discovering new things and enjoying the blogging world! Its so much fun to connect with others and bounce ideas off of each other. So excited for you for all the traffic you’ve been getting too 🙂 Cutting out gluten is very hard – take baby steps with it. Luckily there are so many alternatives out there these days that taste like the real thing. Its all about just making the switch with your favorites. I have a question for you – since sugar is known to cause inflammation, do you think it effects you if you eat too much of it? With me, I definitely feel icky if I consume too much sugar. Although I have cut out processed sugar I am still sometimes taking in sugar from other sources, such as dates, agave nectar or maple syrup. Just curious if it effects other auto-immune people.


  3. Glad my little socca made your recipe list! You have to let me know how it turns out when you take that first delicious bite…Congrats on an awesome Vegan MoFo!


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