WIAW – I’m scared but thinking about going gluten free

While there are not a ton of studies on RA and food, what few there are generally looked at people who not only went vegan but also gluten free like this one.  While I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my RA since going vegan I seem to be at a tough point illness-wise right now.  I’ve reduced the stress.  I’m taking my meds.  I’m sleeping enough.  I’m eating well.  But still I’m having a lot of pain and swelling.  Perhaps I need more meds or different meds, but I also like to try and look at this holistically.  And one of the pieces of the pie that I haven’t tried is going gluten-free.

Now, some people also say no refined oils and very limited (no refined) sugar.  I’m not ready to take that leap yet.  In fact I’m not completely sure I’m ready to go completely gluten free.  And I know that chances are I won’t see any results (if I do see them) by just dabbling.  I need to commit.  (Not I need to be committed.  That’s something else entirely!)

Apparently I like to make things as difficult on myself as possible since I chose just before Thanksgiving last year to go vegan cold turkey (pun intended).  And this year, now that everyone has figured out “just what can Jen eat, anyway?” I’m thinking about throwing another wrench into things.  (Wow I am mixing my metaphors today!)  For now I’m not ready to say that I’m there completely, but I’m trying to see how I do without gluten.  I’m not gluten free because I still reserve the right to eat it, but I’m trying to cut down and see how it goes.

Breakfast was some gluten free waffles I sort of made up over the weekend.  (I’m sure I couldn’t recreate them!)  I added sliced banana and raspberry sauce.   As it turns out I didn’t eat them all.

I had a crazy morning as usual.  The fruit and/or veggie snack was grapes so I did grab a bag of those.

When I went to eat my lunch I realized that the quinoa and beans thing I had grabbed was old and smelled funny.  Ew.  So I just ate my fruit and then pulled a shelf stable bean chili out of my desk and heated that up.

Then a crazy afternoon and home to find that Mark had worked late.  I created a sort of loaf-thing (think vegan meatloaf) with tvp, quinoa, shredded carrots and shredded zucchini.  I didn’t add a binder so it didn’t stay together as well as I would have hoped, and I didn’t put enough sauce on the top so it had to be drenched in ketchup but it was pretty good.  With peas it was sort of reminiscent of the typical meatloaf dinner.  We have a potato allergy here so now mashed spuds!

For dessert I once again made banana almond soft serve and topped it with raw cacao nibs.  Yes it’s what I had for dessert last week too but I put it in a new vessel so you’d see that I made it again.  LOL

So, no leafy green veggies today (boo) but not the worst day.  And no gluten which means I can have a day of food that satisfies me without it.  Also, do you notice no Halloween candy?  It’s all over my house and I ignored it.  That’s a win right there!


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  1. Good luck in trying to figure out your new diet. Hopefully your creativity will help you transition as you see it as a new challenge in the kitchen!


  2. Good luck with making your decision about going gluten free. It’s got to be tricky to accomplish but if it helps your condition it could definitely be worth it.


  3. Wow! You have halloween candy everywhere and didn’t eat any – I’m so impressed. I’ve had another 2 mini bags of oreos today; I need to get rid of these!

    Good luck with the gluten-free trial, it sounds difficult, but if it makes you feel better it would be worth it.


    • Thanks. I have to admit that the day after my WIAW food day I *did* succumb to the Halloween candy. I think it’s the idea that it’s just something *else* I have to worry about that is making it a difficult decision for me. But I would love to feel better!


  4. Hi there! I have RA and went gluten-free over 3 years ago…no turning back. It helped SO much. It really isn’t as hard as it sounds. Hope it helps you. Let me know if you need any help along the way. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I actually made your black bean & pumpkin taquitos for dinner tonight which were wonderful! I have been pondering this one for a little while but not quite ready to make the jump. I’m getting closer I think. And I certainly want to feel better! I’m sure I will have lots of questions.


  5. I don’t have RA, but going gluten-free really reduced my overall inflammation level. If you need any help figuring out the GF world, just give a holler.


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