Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger (Or: Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!)

Hello my friends!  I apologize for having been absent recently.  Winter is tough on me and I just haven’t had any energy beyond what was needed for my family and my job.  I have done very little cooking, instead relying on easier options.  Now, I wish I could say those easier options were healthy ones but alas and alack I’ve been more of a junk food vegan than I like recently.

I did go celebrate my birthday with a phenomenal meal at Hobos in Rehobeth Beach Delaware and I *really* need to write a review about that.  Ah well….

So on November 14th I decided to join Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger.  I’ve never joined this one before and I thought about how much fun it would be.  And besides, I had until December 9th which meant I had plenty of time.  Right??  Fast forward to December 8th when I realized I had not yet done this!  Ack!  Which is why Mark has just run to the store for some pineapple so I can make Livy’s Blondies from my adopted blogger:  Fayinagirl of Gluten Free Vegan Family.  Now, because my life can never be boring Fayinagirl has actually, as of November 29th, topped writing Gluten Free Vegan Family and is in the process of creating a new blog called “Mama Eats Trees.”  Whatever she calls it and whether or not it’s a completely vegan blog I look forward to her recipes and stories.  She has an incredible way of saying things that I love.

I have actually made one of her recipes before: These pumpkin and black bean taquito were fabulous!

But I thought I’d make a dessert.  (Ok.  It’s because T begged me to!)  When Mark left for the store I told him to get pineapple for the blondies but now I’m actually waffling between them and the pumpkin bread.  Yes, that’s the kind of baker I am.


This is going to be a blog post in parts.  If you follow along with me on facebook you might have seen the following status update on 12/9 at 8:15 at night:

OK. Ready for what I just did???? So I’m behind on a blog thing. It’s due tonight. So I come home from work ready to make it, except I have no pineapple. So I send my husband out for it and some dinner stuff. I can’t bake while he’s making dinner. After dinner and clean up I go in to bake. I don’t have enough gf flour mix so I’m going to make a mix. I put in my flours and my tapioca starch and then go to the pantry for cornstarch. Dump a bunch in and then realize it wasn’t cornstarch! It was baking powder!! ARGH! And it’s already 8:15. I think I’m going to be apologizing to the person in charge of this one and asking if I can have a 1 day extension!!


So I did send that email and Kalinda was incredibly gracious and said I could have a day.  So I got up this morning and started the process all over again.  Except there was yet *another* fiasco.  In my mix, along with other gf flours, I used spelt flour which as you know if you are a gluten free person, is not gluten free.  I had read that sometimes people with wheat sensitivities can handle it so I bought it to try since T has a wheat intolerance not celiac disease.  So, in the end this final product is not completely gf but I’m still going to try it and have T try it.  (Oh, and when I went to take a picture before I put it in the oven I couldn’t find my camera and my cellphone camera wouldn’t work.  Yes I will prevail!)

But I got them baked and I found my camera.  (It was in my purse!)  And they were GOOD!  Livy’s Blondies.

I used crushed pineapple because it’s what I had but otherwise left the recipe as is.  These are, like the original recipe says, delicate but really good.  A nice snack with a warm beverage.

I took a bunch with us to the First Lego League Challenge today where T and I enjoyed them with lunch!  (And yes I will be the proud mama.  T’s team is advancing to the state competition!)

I look forward to snacking on these for a bit!

While it was certainly an adventure getting here, I’m sure glad I made these!  (Now I’m ready for bed!)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yay, I’m glad you were able to get the recipe made. (I would have been OK without the submission, but it’s nice to accomplish tasks you set out to do). I don’t think I’ve ever heard of blondies with a tropical twist so thanks for sharing.


  2. Livy is so excited that you like the blondies. Thanks for choosing us as your adopted blog. 🙂 You rock!


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