Black Turtle Beans and Black Beluga Lentils Over Rice

For Christmas 2011 I got the most amazing gift, a Vitamix blender from my husband Mark.  I spoke of that in my end of the year post because it was so exciting.  And it still is.  But I realize now, looking back, that I was focused on celebrating the exciting things and didn’t put as much thought into the wonderful but smaller and less flashy gifts.

Like the bags and bags of heirloom beans.  Yes this man knows me well.

So yesterday while the outside looked like this:

I stayed inside in my “new” beautiful kitchen thanks to the man who knows me well and cooked.  I’m such a lucky woman!

Yes, there was the little thing about the local tv news crew filming in my house, but I’ll talk more about that when it airs.

Mostly I just cooked.  The baked gf & vegan donuts from my copy of “Babycakes Covers The Classics” were probably the most visually impressive.

But these beans smelled so good while they simmered.  I cooked up the entire package of both the black turtle beans and the black beluga lentils.  That way I could take half the beans and freeze them for another use.

Black Turtle Beans and Black Beluga Lentils

About 500 g black turtle Beans (1 lb)

About 500g black beluga lentils (1 lb)

Soak turtle beans overnight

Pour off water and put beans back in pot.  Add lentils.  Add 3 cloves garlic, minced, and 2 tbsp herbes de provence.  Cover with water.  Let simmer for about 2 hours or until the beans are soft-ish.  You are looking for just under cooked.

Remove about 4 cups of bean & lentil mixture and let cool.  Freeze as a base for soup or to make this recipe again.

In a pan with about 2 tbsp olive oil (I like garlic olive oil here) sautee one whole bulb of garlic, chopped, and ½ leek, chopped, until brown.  Add to pot of beans and let cook about 30 minutes more, simmering.  Add 2 tbsp herbes de provence, a tbsp. olive oil, and 1 tbsp salt.  Stir well.  Then add ½ cup chopped cilantro and stir well.  Serve over rice and topped with black lava salt.

The cilantro seemed like sort of an odd addition with the herbes de provence but we thought it worked well.  Mark wanted to wrap it an a tortilla.  Yum.  Like I said, that man knows me so well.


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