Vegan Cupcakes in Salisbury at Pemberton Coffeehouse!

I have talked before about how much I love living on Delmarva.  (The peninsula where Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia meet.  Also known as “The Eastern Shore.”)  We’ve got beach.  We’ve got space. We’ve got amazing people.  But alas and alack we don’t have as much in the way of vegan eats as I’d like.  To be honest I really want a Foodswings though it’s probably best for me that we don’t have one.

We’ve got some places that try.  OC Kabob is a good choice with their stellar hummus.  I can get veggie sushi in town and when I want a major treat Restaurant 213 is a fabulous choice that can accommodate me and do it well.  We’re actually going out with friends tomorrow night and made reservations at a place in town that is tried and true for being able to whip something up for me, Sobos.  And I was happy to find out recently that Cactus Taverna is an option.  Their hummus, pita, and stuffed grape leaves were excellent.  (The black bean soup was good too but the picture was even worse then this one!)

So even with no specifically vegan place in Salisbury I can eat quite well.  But something has always been missing.  There really isn’t a place I could go to easily get a vegan dessert.  (Ok.  There’s Rita’s Ice and it’s good but usually it leaves me wanting something more.)

So imagine my shock while reading facebook today to see that one of my local places, Pemberton Coffeehouse, listed a vegan cupcake on their list of today’s items.  And since I’m home with a little girl who has pink eye I thought it was worth a treat!

I can’t convey how excited I was to see this sign:

And really, how cute are those little yellow papers?  They only have one flavor at a time and I don’t think it’s a daily thing (though if enough people buy them perhaps it will become so!)  Today’s was orange and it was really really good.  Both E and I had real pieces of orange in our cupcakes.  They were a tad spongy but the flavor was great and the icing was excellent.  Nice and sweet without being cloyingly so.  I felt like I was eating a cupcake.  Winner!

I got 2 to go and E and I enjoyed them in the fresh air.  Pemberton Coffeehouse has regular food too and salads etc.  You can sit out on the deck overlooking the water or inside in the cozy interior.  But really, I’m just there for the cupcakes.

As is my Princess of Pink Eye!

A funny aside story:  E’s crumbled just a little and she made mention of it.  I said “I’ll eat whatever you don’t want.”  She paused for a second and said “You can’t say that very often, mom.  But no.  It’s MINE.”  LOL


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