Ordering Vegan Food: Whoopee Pies!

I’ve talked before about how the Eastern Shore of MD is not particularly vegan friendly at the moment.  When I went to PA a few weeks ago for an amazing 10 course vegan meal and mentioned where I lived someone said “You’re vegan in Salisbury MD?  Isn’t that Perdue country?  They let you live there??”  (For a recap of the night check out this great post by The Vegan Version.  I forgot my camera at home.  I know!  Bad blogger!)

Meals out are getting easier, actually.  I’m finding more and more places that have alternatives that are healthy, tasty, and vegan.  Rarely, though, do I find a place where I can get dessert other than sorbet.  And sorbet is good, it’s just not what I want all the time.

Now, there are a few options.  Pemberton Coffeehouse has a rotating flavor vegan cupcake, and I can occasionally find Alternative Baking Company Cookies locally.

But there is no place where I could go in and choose from a full menu (or even more than one or two) of vegan choices either main dishes or desserts.  This is not NY, unfortunately.  Wait.  Let me take that back.  As much as I love NY I’m actually happy to live where I do.  The open space, the beach, the fresh produce.  It’s lovely.  But I can’t just decide I want some vegan baked goods and go buy them like I could in NY.

Yes, I could make them.  And I usually do.  But last week was the very end of the school year which is, by far, the craziest time in my life.  I was tired.  I was depleted.  And I wanted dessert.

So what did I do?  Why, I ordered dessert of course!

Yes!  This box of awesomeness was delivered right to my door.  Vegan Whoopee Pies!  And man were they good!  I put them in the fridge and found that I preferred them cold.  They were fine at any temperature, but I liked them cold best.  My favorite flavor of this assortment actually surprised me.  Being a chocolate person I figured that’s where I would find my favorite but, actually, it was pumpkin.  They were all tremendous, but pumpkin was my favorite.  The packaging was great as well and it’s where I got that vegan tag I’m playing with in the first picture!

We won’t talk about how quickly I ate them all.  But they were wonderful and it was worth it!  You can find these and other vegan confections at the Veganville etsy store.

It was a fabulous gift to myself as I ended the school year.  Do you order vegan food online?  What are your favorite places to get it?


5 responses to this post.

  1. They look and sound amazing! Thanks for the shout out- it was a great night in Jim Thorpe. I am glad you survived the end of the school year and I hope you get to do some relaxing this summer!


    • Thanks! It was a fabulous night and I am so glad I have some time to relax! (And thanks for doing such a great write-up about it. It makes me feel not so bad that I didn’t do one!)


  2. I want those Whoopee Pies now!


  3. oh yay for Gigi’s Voopie pies!:) i love her blog too!


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