The goodness around us

If you follow me on facebook you know about my day yesterday, but in case you don’t, here’s a recap.

I had taken “my” 3 kids (1 full time and 2 part time kids) to pick up my daughter at camp at the community college.  We got there early.  The three decided to wait in the car.  I grabbed my wallet from my purse because they often require ID to pick up a child.  As I walked into the building I realized that I had forgotten the shorts and shoes I brought for my daughter to change into since we were headed to a living history museum and it was hot.  (Her class requires long pants.)  I opened the back of the car, picked up the clothes, and then shut the trunk and walked back into the school.  Halfway up the stairwell to the third floor I realized I no longer had my wallet.  I called my son who was waiting in the car, assuming I had left it in the trunk.  He looked around but couldn’t find it.  Possibly another minute went by.  When I realized he didn’t have it I walked back down the stairs and out to my car but there was no wallet.  I stopped to ask a woman who was sitting and reading her book if she had seen it, but she had not.  Now, another mom was walking in to get her child and said “As I was driving in a woman stopped and picked up a green clutch from the ground and looked perplexed.  Then she walked into the school.  Could that be yours?”  Yep!

So I went into the building again and went to the information desk but there was no wallet.  I picked  up my daughter and we checked with all the offices in that building plus the main building with lost & found and the security office.  No wallet.

So we decided that our trip to the living history museum, which was 40 minutes or so away, wasn’t going to happen with no wallet and no money or cards.

I drove around for a bit, thinking that surely the people at the college would be calling any minute to say they had found it, but no such luck.

We went home and I canceled all my cards.  But I kept thinking that this wasn’t going to end badly.  I kept focusing on the fact that, while this was a hassle, we were all safe and well so oh well.  My other half is not as, shall I say positive, as I am.  He just assumed the wallet was gone and was making plans for how we were going to replace ids etc.

But I never gave up hope.

I did realize that my original plan to go blueberry picking today was going to have to be canceled because I didn’t have any way to get money.  I posted that on facebook and one response was that sometimes when things don’t go as we want what comes instead is even better.  I was thinking about that as I was getting into the shower when it hit me:

There are a ton of RA Vegan business cards in my wallet.  (Yes, I have business cards!  Not a lot of call for people who want them so I have a lot but they make me happy so it works for me!)  Those business cards have my name on them, which is the same as my driver’s licence.  And those business cards have my RA Vegan email address on them.  An email address I don’t check everyday because it’s mostly pinterest or twitter alerts.  But standing in the shower I knew there would be an email waiting for me about my wallet.

So after a quick shower and throwing some clothes on I logged onto that email account.  My eyes ran down the list of emails until I saw it!  “I think I have your clutch”

I whooped and hollered and was just beside myself.  Yes it was great to get it back, but I always knew this was going to end well.  Because I truly try to believe in the goodness around us.  I want to see it in everyone and I am genuinely shocked when it’s not there.  But, most of the time, I’m not disappointed.

Oh, I’ve gotten burned before, but it’s never changed my belief that, for the most part, people are good.  I’ve been lucky I suppose.  I know there is bad out there.  I have seen it.  But I refuse to let it change the way I see things.  I want to believe in good.  I want to think that the world I’m helping to create is a good one for my children and their children.  (My children, in this case, are both my biological children and all the kids I teach every year.  They are all “my children.”)  There are problems.  There are bad things.  But I can’t stop believing.  It’s too important to stop believing in good.

Most of the time, when we do something good, we don’t know of the ramifications of that action.

So a HUGE thank you to the very sweet woman who saw my wallet, picked it up, and then contacted me.  You help remind me of that good that is around us.  And since I don’t think she’ll read I’ll also tell you that I feel very compelled to give her something to thank her.  A way for her to know how much I truly appreciate it.  There’s been a discussion on my facebook page about what the right gift would be but I think we all agree that something would be nice.


4 responses to this post.

  1. all these small acts of goodness definitely cheer me up.. coz my facebook feed is always full of sad things happening around.


  2. Woah! I was out of town so I missed your update but glad you got it back!


  3. Sometimes I just take it out of my purse and just abandon the purse at home, it will easily fit in your back pocket if you do not stuff it too full, lol. I would not keep credit cards in a wallet stored in the car’s glove box. Our automobiles have been burglarized and stolen (once together with the keys) – I am happy that the credit cards were not in the glove box.


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