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Talking About Our Thursday Food Choices – Tired Night

I need to tell you that you kept me from eating junk food today.  Every time I considered it I thought “Nope.  I’ll have to document it!”  And you made me eat breakfast when I probably wouldn’t have, otherwise.

That said, today’s food choices were not stellar.  And my pictures are pretty awful too.

Breakfast was decent.  Some reheated oatmeal and apples cooked in the crockpot recently.  I put a little bit of soy creamer on top.  I actually preferred it reheated then when I ate it the first day.

2013-01-17_08-16-32_54  Not pretty, but pretty good for me.

Then I went to school and started running.  Almost literally.  It’s benchmark day, which means as a special educator that I have lots and lots of accommodations to give to students during testing.  I walked around while reading and probably walked 300 laps around my room.  It’s a small room but still….

Now I typically eat lunch at 1:30, but I was to be administering another benchmark at that point so I had some lunch around 11:15.  Sad thing, and weird thing, was that I was hungrier then than typical and I ate without taking a picture.  I had some leftover homemade pizza with veggies on top, a big handful of blueberries, and an orange.  And some water.

I gave another benchmark and decided I was really hungry again.  This is where you come in, because I really wanted a soda but I decided I didn’t want to own up to that one!  Instead I pulled these out of my desk drawer.  Very good.  So good I ate the entire bag (3 servings) without even thinking about it.


I finished my workday and went to work with one of my special girls.  I had a stop to make and by the time I got home it was 6:30 and I was tired and HUNGRY.  Without thinking about it I grabbed a piece of brownie cake leftover from last night.

mustache cake

The piece I had did not have sprinkles on it.  Thing was, I took a bite and then decided I didn’t want it and spit it out.  (In this particular instance I wasn’t thinking of having to document, I just didn’t want it.)

So I grabbed some leftover fried rice and heated it up.  Then I decided I wanted a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

001  002

Hum… are we noticing a distinct lack of major veggies today?  And I’m noticing a lack of energy.  So I think I need to eat more, but also make better choices.  It’s a work in progress.  What did you eat today?