WIAW: Just another manic TUESDAY?

I’ve been out of the What I Ate Wednesday swing for some time now.  No that I haven’t tried to participate because I really have!  (And I’ve got the beginnings of multiple posts to prove it!)  But something always came up and kept me from doing it.  This week I was determined to join the party!

Monday the 16th was a holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday.  I celebrated by being part of Dacia’s post “This is how we change the world”  and by celebrating my 10 year old’s birthday.  But by having Monday off from work it simply moved the manic craziness of Monday to Tuesday this week.

Before I tell you what I ate I need to fill you in on a little rheum thing.  Last week my rheumatologist changed up my med regime a tad, taking one away and adding another.  The new med has helped my pain tremendously (which is wonderful) but it has also pretty much taken away my appetite.  So I’ve had to begin working diligently to make sure I’m eating and eating healthfully.  Tuesday of this week actually allowed me to have a bit of an appetite which is good, but I was making conscious choices to eat.  So this might not seem like the way I’ve eaten in the past but it’s what worked for me this week.

Breakfast was a smoothie.  I took about a cup of cranberries, half an orange, 2 bananas, about 2 cups of blueberries, some rice milk, and some maple syrup and blended it well.  Then I poured out half for my daughter and then added a cup of spinach to mine.  Yum and instant!

I worked a half day and then came home for lunch and some housework before taking E to a doctor’s appointment.

On Monday, anticipating a crazy week, I cooked up a bunch of quinoa and sauteed some kale and mushrooms.  Then I mixed it all together and put it in single serving containers.  To this one I added some spaghetti sauce.  Instant lunch!

Afterwards I decided I wanted something sweet and so had a bowl of pineapple and passion fruit sorbet.  More yum.

The drive to E’s doctor’s appointment is over an hour in each direction.  On the way up I grabbed an apple to eat.

On the way back I had some pretzels but I didn’t get a shot of that!  When we got back to Salisbury Mark met us in town so I could give him E and go to a meeting.  When I got home I wasn’t hungry but felt like I should eat something.

A piece of peanut butter bread it is!  Actually, after eating it, I felt like I wanted something more so had a second piece.

All I drank was water.  All in all it wasn’t a bad day of food!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your lunch sounds like a great combo! Love the single-serving idea…what a life saver!


    • Thanks Jessica! I’m finding that if I don’t plan I don’t eat so I’m trying to be proactive! Looks like you had a great day of food too. I wish I had a Trader Joe’s close by!


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